Lunch break went from good to sad today

  • Took a ride on my OW for lunch. Some kids asked me if I was a "YouTube" person lol I laughed and said "yes, I am thee youtube person".. After a few miles I came back home to see my good friend and neighbors house smoking.. I jumped off my OW in the street to go make sure everyone was out of the house.. 10 mins later I watch the fire truck run it over. ![alt text](0_1461624500735_IMG_20160425_165755.jpg image url)

  • Everyone was OK including my OW.. It just got a little beat up..

  • Oh man!!! Glad things turned out ok. How's the house?

  • So sorry, that is not a good day.....

  • I'm glad to hear no one was hurt, but that sucks!!

  • @TonyGDTLA the house is pretty much gone now.. It collapsed on itself.

  • Sucks man I'm sorry.

  • Jesus, my Cheast collapsed when I read the OW Got run over... Sucks about the house. Had my office burn down after a hurricane actually just 10 years ago now, lost some personal memorabilia that was irreplaceable.... Learned to back up everything online :). Like some chads from the 2000 election... Yup those chads

  • Cripes that house looks like mine!
    Love beams out to those who have lost. Xoxo

  • @njcustom said in Lunch break went from good to sad today:

    @TonyGDTLA the house is pretty much gone now.. It collapsed on itself.

    That really sucks man.

  • Sorry to hear this story man...
    Also sucks that you want to help and things turn out bad for you too...

    Still possible to ride the OW?

  • @Polle yes my OW is OK.. Just got beat up but that's OK.. Most importantly my friends were OK.. It was a bit terrifying. I almost had to break the door down.. Luckily they were all coming out just as i was about to bum rush the door..

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