• Metallic Bumpers that slide on the tarmac would be safer than plastic if ever the front side of the onewheel finishes crashing down there for any reason.

  • @to-moto Might work.

  • What do you mean metallic? Do you mean metal?

  • Correct.

  • @to-moto metal it's noisy

  • @to-moto also possibly heavier and more expensive to replace? Cause they are meant to be easily replaced as they wear.

  • @abraandr when I said that, I figured out the OW got disconnected at a certain degree of inclination so I did think if nose dive happens for any reason it is better the nose slide on the tarmac and the OW stops little by little instead of driving into the tarmac and stop at once. But if disconnection no happen because a certain degree of inclination metallic bumpers have no sense they could be even very dangerous as the OW would accelerate without control sliding on the tarmac.

  • Magnesium would be cool at night.

  • something that sparks would be dope.

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