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  • So i have been wanting to buy a onewheel but because of the huge shipping costs to Europe I didn't think it was worth it. We are planning a trip to te USA soon and i wondered where I could buy a one wheel without ordering online. Do they have any stores in New York, Miami or Denver?

  • I hear there are but not sure exactly where..

  • @NikTheLegend depends where you are but there is dealers in France and Switzerland, maybe I other parts of Europa too?

  • @Tartopom do You Knie if there See stores in New York or Miami? Stores in Germany near or in munich or Hamburg are also ok.

  • @NikTheLegend honestly I don't know, but when I was looking for shop in France, I sent a mail to future motion and they replied to me with the answer 2 days later :)

  • There are a few here in Miami and one takes a 10% coupon :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL do you happen to know where exactly? Would kind of help. And how do I obtain a coupon? :)

  • Yes, there is a site on here that shows you where, but specifically in south Florida, I got mine at ron Jon surf shop at sawgrass mills mall in sunrise Florida and if you go to their website you can print a coupon to use in store 10% off. I did it... 1350 + tax :)

    They also have a demo unit in store you can ride

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