Colorado Flow Trail

  • Posted a rough cut of some Flow trail riding on my Facebook site. Lucky enough to get some of the first rides on the trail after it was cut in Salida, CO. Keep shredding!

    Mike T

  • Awesome video, what type of helmet is that?

  • Amazing.

  • I couldn't find the video. Maybe it's because I don't do facebook?

  • @RiverShred Can you be more specific about where the trail is? A search of "flow" trails in that area doesn't seem to turn it up

  • @No thanks, that helmet is made by Shred Ready. made for whitewater paddling, but great all arounder as well.

  • @adubberley That trail is in Salida, CO. Some insane trail riding right from the heart of downtown. That flow trail is a new one they just built called berm pile, you can see it from town off the left side of S Mountain if you are looking at the S from downtown. We just scratched the surface for what is ridable in salida....worth a trip if you live nearby. I will be in and out of there quite a bit the month of June for some whitewater races.

  • @RiverShred - visiting Salida from Portland this week, and rode the Bermpile trail and a few others today - OMFG sweetness!!!! It's kinda cool to ride for a couple of miles - and still be at 95% charge!

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