Sand riding?

  • I just got my one wheel all is good works well. I took it to the beach by my house and it absolutely doesn't work in the sand. I tried everything does anyone have any tricks. I thought about reducing the air pressure but I would like to know what pressure is Recomended.

  • Lol... You can only really ride on hard wet sand. Low tide is best. Dry sand is near impossible.

  • You can go from hard sand to soft sand but you can't stop or you will sink in.. it also depends how deep the sand is

  • Like @njcustom said, you can't start on soft sand, also, it helps to go as fast as reasonably possible (without nosediving) to keep yourself "on top". Lastly, to maximise traction and prevent spinouts, keep your weight directly over the middle of the wheel. Once you get it down, you can cruise on soft sand without too much trouble.

  • I agree with these guys.

  • I tried mine for the first time on the sand recently and it was awesome..

  • @DavidJohn

    That's one awesome video during morning coffee.. ;)

    Smooth surfing...

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