Baltimore area riders

  • Am I the only one around here with one of these things?

  • I'm about 40 mins north of the city

  • We are in Bethany Beach, DE.

  • I'm in Annapolis

  • My wife and I are from Baltimore and currently live in San Antonio. If you have cool places to ride we can hook up next time we're in town!

  • @kbman we be riding about three nights a week on the mean streets of b-more! hit me up and we can plan a night ride with ya...building a bit of movement (or something) out here!

  • @Joeysax great! I'm usually at home here in the county when I'm not working lately. I'll keep u in mind next time I'm out there on free time.
    Do you ever catch flack for bringing it in to any bar/ business (being an 'electric skateboard')?

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