OneWheel Hollywood Florida! Who wants to have a OW adventure on the beach?

  • Let me know who is around that rides OW Lets make a pack

  • We are starting a onewheel riding club, I'm out of coconut creek, pm me your info.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I'm in Key West. Lmk if next time there is a ride together planned in the area

  • Daytona Beach My wife and I

  • Sounds good, I'm in Miami.

  • Pembroke Pines!

  • North broward, and I have a collection of folks, if anyone wants to organize. I am just getting a new office up and running but things should be smoothing soon and hopefully, I can start getting us together. Of course, I am also, about to then move... :) but... message me and I will help make contacts.

  • I created a group on Facebook. OneWheel South Florida. Join up!

    I'm also a member of two other groups there. OWOwners Group and OW Riders.

    A lot of information passed back and forth there. I'd love to consolidate the groups into one but I'm not the moderator. A lot of people may not know of this forum or maybe locked out. I've been a voyeur here for over a month because I was unable to post, until FM just fixed it.

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