Tweel for Onewheel???

  • Could this be the ultimate '~tire-technology~' for the Onewheel. They have been in development for years and are just hitting the market on lawn tractors, ATVs and perhaps military vehicles.

  • @AS I followed this technology for quite a few years but they never released it for consumer vehicles so I lost interest. With all that said it might work so so with the Onewheel. Interesting Idea any how .

  • @AS Not sure how well this would work, as the Onewheel's hub motor takes up most of the space inside the wheel. That would mean the diameter of the tire would need to be even bigger, which would bring it almost to the size as the one on that bulldozer in the video. Not sure if most people would be able to straddle it.

  •'re right. Good insight..and I'm pretty sure the hub of the Tweel is also incorporated into its strength and rigidity as well.

  • @thegreck people thought the same about personal computers. And now look.

  • Seems like a world of crud would easily clog all those recesses.

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