#RaceForTheRail Adventure Pack Giveaway & GoPro Mountain Games

  • hi there ! i don't know if you guys have already seen this but futuremotion just released a new clip on youtube with more info on the race for the rail.. it's the gopro mountain games - really looking forward to that event :) FM also does a mountain games adventure pack givewaway where you can win lots of cool stuff by following them on instagram, youtube, and so on. you can enter by signing up. check this: http://bit.ly/1Wb3fDN

  • @chabis That's so weird! It says there's just 26 days left to sign up, but they haven't been advertising it at all that I've seen. And no posts about it on the forum.

    The video has zero info in it about the event or how to sign up, and I don't see any real details about what it even is on the page. And the only link takes you to this non-existent webpage: http://www.mountaingames.com/event-detail/One-Wheel-Demo.aspx

  • @thegreck If you click on the 'about' link at the top, It shows more info about the event. It looks like a big mountain festival in Vail focusing on fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, and other sports. FM will be doing demos; I guess they came on board as sponsors.

  • @westcoastr Sorry, but I don't see any "about" link. The dead link I posted is the only one I see on the page. I'm viewing on my iPhone, as I usually am, so maybe something else comes up on a computer?

  • Looks like it's not open to the public. Not that I could go but still Lame.

  • I Don't fully Understand this but OK.......

  • well, this is what FM is doing at the mountaingames:

    The world's best Onewheel riders converge on Vail for the GoPro Mountain Game - Onewheel Race for the Rail!
    Building on the momentum of Onewheel's first official race at the 2015 Mountain Games, the Race for the Rail will adopt a boarder cross format, pitting some of your favorite Mountain Games athletes against each other for a spot on the podium.
    Come demo the boards and witness the elbow to elbow, mad dash for the Rail at the Lionshead Gondola Yard. The Onewheel Demo course will be open each day during Gear Town Hours.

    and the link i posted (this one: http://bit.ly/1Wb3fDN) let's you participate in a giveaway (as the title of the thread says) where you can win a package of cool stuff. you have the chance to enter and participate in the givaway within the next 26 days. and yes, @thegreck, you're right: for some funny reason, they haven't announced anything official yet - apart from the video on YouTube and the 'hidden page' where my link goes to.. wonder if they ever do :)

    oh and here the event details:

    Thursday - Saturday. June 9-11, 2016

    June 9, 1pm - (Opens)
    June 10, 11am - (Opens)
    June 11, 9am - (Opens)
    June 12, 9am - (Opens)
    June 11, 3:30pm - (Race for the Rail)

    Lionshead Gondola Yard


  • Yeah sign up via this link http://bit.ly/25kqoIV

  • make sure you sign up soon.. only 17 days left!


  • only 16 days left https://wn.nr/4xHPDF enter now

  • really looking Forward to this race for the rail thingy... i wonder if it's gonna be a contest they document on their official YouTube channel... aaaaaanyhow: 10 days left to enter the contest! sign up here:


  • NOW THIS LOOKS F***ING E. P. I. C. !!

  • @chabis yes it does. Awesome!!

  • It's not fair, I wanna play

  • Anybody knows who won? Any review? :)
    Can't wait to see more vids and pics!

  • I hope they post the winner. I was wonder the same thing.....

  • @fabuz His videos always take a long time to get to the point, and I hate that he always refers to the Onewheel as "One Wheel Hoverboard," but if you go to 8:46 on this recent Shonduras vlog, I'm pretty sure this is it:

  • @thegreck Interesting. looks like it was a blast. Next time I will be there. LOL

  • @fabuz Zach Hughes won. He is the shaper for Badfish Standup PaddleBoards located in Salida CO. Coolest cat around and a baller on the OneWheel. Mike Tavares (AKA. Mike T) got second. He is probably one of the best standup paddleborders in whitewater and river surfers on the planet and both those guys are the most approachable folks around. There both on FB. Mike T is a great follow on both FB and Instagram as he posts all kinds of cool Stand up paddling and Onewheel videos all the time. He is Mike Tavares on FB and Rivershred on Instagram.

  • Thank you guys!

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