My android s3 no app???

  • Why is there not an App for my S3 android?

    It is SUCH a bummer. I have to use my girls s(whatever number) and I hate phones. It should be available to me on my s3 but it is not. Please help. 4.4.2 SCH-I535

  • @Seekwence if it's not available on the on the play store than you might have to update your phone to a newer Android OS. Also, if nothing works, I recommend trading your phone in and using the credit towards a newer phone. For a newer phone a galaxy s5 or newer would be good or an Iphone 5(Iphone 5sto be safe) or newer

  • It has to be your software needs updating. Or you need a new phone as the s3 is pretty old. I was able to find the app no problem on my lgg4.

  • Thanks for the help guys, i ended up using a co-workers phone to switch it off of classic into extreme.

  • @Seekwence that's the only mode you need(unless you prefer elevated), so you should be good

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