Selling my backup onewheel...

  • Hey Guys I'm selling a barely used Onewheel for $1150 it will include the official FM fender ($85 + value) and box with charger.

    Email me for photos but it's my barely used 2nd onewheel. I had it always around in hopes my gf would ride but she's scared and my friends are the one who occasionally ride wit me. If I had to put a full odometer reading on it id say it was less than 50 miles riden. Only because I don't think I've charged it more than 10 times in its lifetime haha.

    It has the general usage scrapes from being riden by newbies, but since I've always had carbon film on it, its held up pretty well.

    For more info or photos email

    US shipping only for the ease ;)

  • On I'm based in Miami if you want to pick up !

  • whats the warranty left on it?

  • I gotta talk my buddy into this....

  • Also we need to sign you up for our south Florida riding club

  • I am looking for a backup. Still available?

  • Hey - I'm definitely interested if this isn't already sold!


  • @Aaron-Broward-FL dude I'm south fl what's this ride club??

  • I'm starting it, although I have been sidetracked... It's my bad, I have been collecting contact information and I gotta call an event.

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