Onewheel - thermal check

  • While doing a fun session with the Onewheel in the garden, we came up up with the idea to check the heat dissipation of the Onewheel with a thermal imager (C-THERMAL). Have fun watching how cool the Onewheel stays!

    Btw: I'm also the guy who developed C-THERMAL together with a friend of mine - if you're interested, checkout my website

  • Freakin awesome!!

  • @SeeTheInvisible Very cool! Literally! I read that one of the many benefits of a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is that it doesn't heat up when charging or while being used, and it's nice to see the proof! Compared to body temperature, it's like an ice cube!

  • @SeeTheInvisible: great video, good to see some night riding footage! how many minutes of recording time do you get on that camera?

    next time you have to join me on my homespot, lets ride the quarter pipe in night vision;-)

  • @thegreck Thank you! That's exactly what I wanted to proof :)

    @cr4p It depends on the memory card installed: about 4 hours of recording with a 8 Gb SD-card :)
    I have seen your pictures in the "Post cool pics here" thread - awesome location! I will definitely join you next time to create some hot footage :)

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