Red led lights... don't work anymore...

  • Dear all,
    Since tonight I discovered that when I go in reverse mode I only have the front lights ON...
    Rear red lights stay off, don't know how it happened and when.
    Maybe it's like this from beginning out can't tell.
    Am I the only one?



  • @Tartopom go into the app and try turning your lights on and off a few times.

  • @forzabucks I will give it a try, but sounds weird to me as only 1 red light doesn't work, it's not the whole set of light :)
    DId you had similar situation?

  • I gave it a try but no change....still no red lights when I'm practising switch :"( Guess I will experiement the after sale service :o

  • @Tartopom I just added the ability for custom lights w my app. If your red lights are out you can manually turn on white until you get it fixed.

  • @kwatts yes I saw that ;-)

  • The same thing has happened to my board. Are your red LED lights out on the sensor side, or battery side? Mine are out on the sensor side.

    Also, there is a low volume, high pitch electrical buzzing coming from the LEDs on the sensor side, but not on the battery side. Has this happened to you?

  • @Corlux I get that electrical whine when my lights are on. Never noticed if it's from one side or the other, but if it's from the sensor side I would guess that has more to do with that being the location of most of the circuitry rather than a fault with one of the LED arrays. Not sure if the whine is normal, mine has a bit of electronics side weirdness, like it won't charge unless it's powered on.

  • @Corlux my red lights are out on the sensor side....For the whine you speak about, I think it's normal, nothing related to the leds :)

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