Ordered today!! Rad times ahead....

  • What up fellow onewheelers!!! Ordered the bundle today!!! Stoaked!! This board looks so damn rad!!! What was everyone's shipping time?? $65.00 to ship, it's a heavy piece, looks to be.. I'm in Pennsylvania and need it here yesterday!! 😂 Joking!! But no, seriously, yesterday. Cannot wait to ride this beauty, and continue to be a huge fan of this forum.
    Huck and Roll...~

  • @Brandohim Congratulations! You're gonna love it!

    And you want to know EVERYONE'S shipping time? The first people to order had to wait about 6 months. After a while, the lead time went down to around 3 months. A few months later it went down to 2 months. When I ordered mine, I had to wait a month and a half. But now they've got it down, and lead time is usually within 24 hours of placing your order.

  • I bought mine retail as it was cheaper and quicker than ordering from the states. But when I emailed before I bought one they said itd take 24 hours to process then roughly 2 week delivery

  • Dude omg.. you should have used promo codes. First, get a homie to refer you (me). Free shipping on board. Then on a second seperate transaction buy the helm but call ahead asking for a promo code for free shipping and they will give it. Saved 150 bucks.

  • I'm in Alaska and just got mine on Wednesday, looks like they're shipping them within 24hrs these days. Ordered it last Thursday, got shipping notification on Friday, and it arrived the following Wednesday. I made sure FedEx sent me a delivery notification.

  • @juts I still haven't ordered mine; just calculated that shipping to WA and picking up will only cost $100 less than buying local in BC. They charge Cali state tax, then we'd have to pay GST going through the border. Gah! Maybe that extra 100 would make it worth not having a wait!

  • @westcoastr
    http://share.onewheel.com/x/UK01vr hers a code that gives you free shipping :)

  • There is a vendor in PA don't know If it's close enough to run down and buy..... But... It's seriously my favorite thing I own..... Next to my guitar / amp(that I built)

    You will love it.

  • @Mussaix lol! You're the third person to offer me a code... :) Thanks though!

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL PA is just about 3000 miles away... maybe not! But I'm fully prepared for it to be my favourite thing, too!

  • @westcoastr did u use mine tho?

  • @westcoastr yea id go local. When I calculated the cost of the board into CAD and then added tax, duties, and shipping it would have cost just roughly 2600 after it was all said and done. When I bought retail it came down to 2200. Theres a few located close to you and I believe one or two on the island. Give them a call and ask them how much they sell them for. If they sell for more then make the trip to Edmonton and buy one here.

  • @Mussaix Sorry, no... I know you're working hard on it!

  • @juts Paying tax twice makes ordering less attractive for sure. My local guy charges $2100; somehow it just feels over the top... I'm sure all the retailers are similar.

  • @westcoastr yea its expensive for us but I find it worth it. Still saves us money and until our dollar gets on par with american its the best way to go.

  • @juts Got it! I came home and there it was waiting for me - surprise! Obviously, bought locally. Woot! Unfortunately, it's pouring rain today...

  • @westcoastr lol living on the coast it happens. Im originally from prince rupert so i know all about the rain. If youre ever in the edmonton area hit me up.

  • @juts Rupert is the rain capital of Canada! Thanks, I"ll remember if I"m in Edmonton.

  • @westcoastr awesome! It's the coolest shit ever! Go elevated or extreme. Take it easy.

  • @westcoastr awsome man, I'm stoked for you. I was so excited when I got mine that I would have ridden in a hail storm! Have fun on that thing and welcome to the community.

  • @donny-h @Santoki Thanks, I've been thinking about OW for the past year, so it's great to finally get one! The rain finally stopped and I've been out twice already; feeling it a little in my feet and calves, but ready for more!

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