New onewheel video

  • Hey folks here's a link to a video I got to help the guys at escape sports in Saskatoon shoot last month, enjoy, let us know what you think. click here

  • @roddypeeps Great film man, beautifully shot. What kit did you use to film with?

  • There was a bit of drone work, and a Sony Mirrorless stuck in a gimbal for the hand held stuff.

  • @roddypeeps Looks great, and I love that it's Canadian!

  • Amazing!!! 👍👍👍

  • If you look close enough you can see Winnipeg in the distance :p ahahah jk jk. Great video. If I ever make it out that way Ill bring my board and we will have to hit some trails.

  • Well done! Message me next time you want a 4th OW rider..

    Have you been hassled by tree-huggers or police yet? I have been yelled at by people thinking I will wreck the trails (even though mountain bikers use the same trails and clearly damage the trails).

    No run ins with the police yet; I ride respectfully and extremely careful around children/pets.

  • @Angryviking so far police havent bothered myself. As long as its not gas powered then I believe we are ok to ride it on sidewalks. Im surprised people have yelled at you though.

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