Pumped! OW Is Arriving This Saturday...

  • Ordered last Wednesday and arriving this Saturday! Not bad at all with holiday in between. Will be covering the OW to protect it. Still finalizing my plan an colors.

  • Updated!!! FedEx is delivering on Friday now. Sweet!

  • @LidPhones you're gonna love it, don't worry about protecting it, it will get marked up, it's built like a tank and can take some abuse

  • Few things in life have tested my patience and self control like waiting for my OW to arrive. I was always refreshing my tracking updates throughout the day

  • @Seekwence I can't imagine what the early adopters that had to wait 6 months had to go through, but when I ordered, my wait time was a month and a half. I think I had watched every Onewheel video available on YouTube at least 3 times by the time it arrived.

  • @thegreck me too, it was painful searching for more content that wasnt even made yet.

  • I waited a year, watching the boards, consuming the info... Biding my time... I had the assets to sell... I could have bought it... I, for some reason waited till the immediate gratification time was available, then I sold my crap on ebay and bought it. :)

    That saved me 350$. Lost me lots of gratification... Though.

  • Waited nearly a year for my KS board to arrive after payment. Absolutely brutal wait especially weighing the doubts of a crowdfunding project. It finally unexpectedly showed up in the late evening of Christmas Eve '14 prior to ever receiving any tracking info. Best holiday ever.

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