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  • Did anyone do any comparison shopping/riding before committing to the OW? I'm seeing boards out there that cost more and less. There's supposed to be a new one coming out from Hoverboard Technologies in July, but that one's like, $4,000.

    Meanwhile, some company called F Wheel makes a model that gets almost double the range of OW and has built in fenders and cool LEDs, but I can't find a single reliable (third-party) review or a price from someone that isn't a reseller, and my ad-blocker doesn't trust any of the resellers, so.... Seems questionable.

    I know we're all OW riders here, but I'm just curious if anyone has any knowledge or experience with similar products.

  • @1woman1wheel

    Go with OW. It's built like a horse.
    Worth every penny.

  • My friend owns a boosted board that I have tried. Its good for pavement and nothing else. Technology is always advancing and alas OW will fall behind. Its a matter of time. Committing is hard, especially financially. It took me 6 months off thinking to get myself here.

    Before OW i just pushed my skateboard all over town. It was either boosted or OW... and I chose OW because of offroading and wet weather capacities. I need something I can abuse.

  • What about the Halo board? Anyone tried that? It looks sick with those LED lights, and the fender is included... haven't seen any pictures of one off road though.


    If youre talking about the one in the link above.... they look flashy. That narrow wheel turns me off due to balancing and it would probably be very unpleasant off road and would most likely get destroyed if I handled it the way I handle my OW.

  • @Seekwence That's the one I mentioned in my first post that's going for $4k. Or will be, when it comes out. Check out - their "extreme" model is like a sleeker looking OW with basically the same functionality, but a longer range (and longer charge time).

  • @1woman1wheel update: I found one of their support people. They said it's for pavement.

  • @1woman1wheel yea i cant imagine abusing that thing. I jump off of curbs, plunge into potholes, swerve thru gravel, ect. Most of all the bottom of the board has very little clearance compared to the OW.

  • I did notice that, which is what made me wonder about the off-road capability.

    Guess I'll just have to trick out my future OW with my own LEDs.

  • @1woman1wheel You've probably already seen this, but I think you're better off doing this than riding around on one of those monstrosities that look like a panel from a room on a Star Trek set with a giant rollerblade wheel stuck through it:

  • Ooooooooh thanks @thegreck I hadn't seen that! I love that the tape comes in more than one color

  • Yea do not get the haloboard. It looks cheaply built and doesnt have offroad capabilities. Stick with the OW. I bought mine without trying one. Went to the shop, took a look and held it, said Ill take it

  • @1woman1wheel Get the Onewheel!! End of Story. We all agree I Promise.

  • @1woman1wheel all these haloboard, or other fuc*board are all based on the same low cost chinese models you can find for 300$ on aliexpress, this is really far from the onewheel in term of smooth ride, off road capabilities and performance in the whole. the closest to the onewheel would be the Trotter, but once again, one of my friend have it and it's far away from the OW...only good thing with this thing is the range that is double of the onewheel. But for the rest, just forget it.

  • @1woman1wheel Absolutely no comparison. OneWheel is a beast. Pull the trigger and get one! Do it.

  • OK guys. I'm going to Vermont on Monday (my nearest retailer) to take a OW out for a test drive. Squee!

  • @1woman1wheel you're wasting precious riding time! Go ahead to Vermont for the test drive, but put your order in today! I researched for over a year, never got the benefit of a test drive, and my only regret is that I didn't order sooner. Do it!

  • @jordo If I like it, I'll buy it from the retailer up there. Instant gratification

  • I love it! You'll want to ride it home...

  • Drink the kool-aid.

  • @jordo That's a lot of charge stops, and I don't think they have power outlets in cow fields...

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