Non-magnetic fenders w/ quick release screws

  • Hey everyone, I'm now going to be offering non-magnetic fenders with x4 matching blue quick release screws.. price will stay the same at 140$ shipped for the classic carbon fiber and 200$ for the limited blue carbon fiber.. all fenders will come with a free charge port plug and ship with 2 day priority..


  • Looks like I'm buying another one. Kind sir I'd like to be first in line for the limited blue carbon fiber.

  • @njcustom Those are quick release? Or just thumb screws? I think of quick release as clicking a button and they pop off.

  • @thegreck depends how technical you wanna get lol.. you don't need tools so they are kind of quick lol

  • @BrianInMN I hate to say it but they are pre-orders only.. I can't make them fast enough.. right now I'm about a week back ordered but it fluctuates.. it can be 1-3 weeks..

  • @njcustom Gotcha! Well that's better than having to carry around a screwdriver.

  • Great idea @njcustom! I'm a fan!!

  • How do i order one of these?

  • @njcustom: i have a very easy different solution for the same problem, that might also help you guys.

    I do also have a njcustom fender and highly recommend it.
    but since i also ride a lot in trails, it also happens to me quite frequently that the magnets aren´t always strong anough to keep it in place. anyhow I do definitly not want to screw my fender on the onewheel, because I very often remove the fender, because I like the "pure" look of the OW without a fender (and for hard action it is better to let it roll over and over without any fender).

    now here´s my solution which perfectly works:
    I just used a 6€ self-sticking velcro tape. 4 pieces about 1x1cm I put on the frame of the onewheel, the 4 counter parts i glued on the bottom of the njcustomfenders where the magnets are (here I added super glue, to make sure the velcro-tabe stays on the fender forever). done.

    it ALWAYS keeps the fender on the board, but still attaches/detaches very quick and easy. also it is easy to clean.

    unfortunatly at the moment I can not upload a picture, because I had to send my board in for some repair, but I think it is should be easy to imagine;-)

  • I love the feedback from everyone.. Velcro is a great product too. I really designed the magnetic fender for the street.. later on adding more magnets to help offroad.. this non magnetic fender is for the extreme rider..

  • @cr4p I like the Velcro idea. Not sure how many people will want it on their boards though.. I wouldn't in particular because i like the factory look even though they are small pieces Velcro.. I have no doubt that it's works excellent

  • @njcustom said in Non-magnetic fenders w/ quick release screws:

    Velcro idea. Not sure how many people will want it on their boards though.. I wouldn't in particular because i like the factory look even though they are small pieces Velcro.. I have no doubt that it's works excellent

    I see your point. Yes, they are small, but of course you notice them. Just made a screenshot from a shaky video:

    I think I am going to spray-paint my rails black anyway, so they won´t be visible easily;-)

  • @cr4p I suggest vinyl wrap.. it's easy and cheap and effective..

  • @njcustom Not a problem the OW is actually in CA for repairs anyway.

  • @BrianInMN send me a message when you're ready..

  • @njcustom will these work on the existing ones that are out now ??? And if so how much for the quick release alone?!?!

  • @dirtyjersey holes have to be drilled in place of the magnets..

  • I may have to look for some twist-on/quick -release screws. By the look of these blue ones shown, it's possible they may stand upright a bit too much for my liking, although they look pretty cool. I like to keep a more clean stealthy look. If I can't find any other twist-on screws, I may just use the stock screws after I drill out the magnets on my magnetic fender. As much as I love the magnetic feature, I ride quite often on uneven terrain and the fender can get knocked off at times. For most decent street pavement it's usually fine though.

    Once you get those blue ones, please post a pic of them installed NJ. I'd love to see how they look with the fender.

  • @T-CAT if you adjust the screws so they sit above the blue rails you should be perfect on the street ..

  • I agree, as having the screws sit above the rails is how I have it now with the magnetic fender sitting on top and snug. It works absolutely perfect for most street use. Recently since I have been using the OneWheel fo commuting most days of the week, I have been on some uneven terrain and off a curb or two every now and then, I'd like to make my Magnetic Fender fixed and only removable via screws just so it doesn't get moved around by the terrain.

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