WTB a Used OneWheel, BTC as payment.

  • Hey All,

    Hope asking to buy a used one isn't against the rules somehow, but I'd rather not pay full price for a backup board in case I need to send my main one in for repairs again.

    I'd also like to be able to pay via BTC. Not sure if it matters but I am in the US.

    Please let me know if you are selling and able to accept BTC, much appreciated.

  • @nikknak whats BTC? I never heard that term before

  • BTC as in "Bitcoin", the cryptocurrency.

  • Gotcha. Thought it could have meant something else.

  • @juts

    No worries,

    It's super easy to use, can just download the app on your iphone or android and it's like the same as paypal.

    Good time to get paid in btc too as it's on a rally atm, and you can convert it into USD within the app if you just want the cash in your bank. It's just easier and more secure.

  • @nikknak what Wallet app do you use?

  • I have numerous but the most user friendly ones are probably circle and coinbase since they are also btc-usd exchanges and you can deposit btc directly to your bank with them.

  • I had a seller but he found a local buyer, on the hunt again for a backup onewheel.

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