Better Board Shoes Make for Better Riding!

  • I am just starting out on my OW journey and I am loving it so far. A big jump in confidence was moving to a better gripping board shoe so that I am connected to the OW. Really makes a difference on my heel side turns which are normally not as strong as toe side. I must say I love the carve now!!!!

  • OH YES! there is a r.e.a.l.l.y. big difference if you change shoes.. what brand/model are you wearing? nike shoes are ok. though i get the occasional disconnect, when doing tight curves (luckily, my balance is quite good so i manage to stay on board without any problem). but i have to say: i got amazing feedback and "foot-feel" wearing these, they got a pretty thin sole:
    you can grab them here:
    (and no, i'm not sponsered or anything. just love, truely love them for skating over all..)
    a bit pricey though..

  • @LidPhones Shoes make a huge difference for me. Once I found the right pair it was night and day better. For me Vans Pro were the ones. No more low speed disconnect.

  • Vans are awesome! Anything flat bottom with a thin layer of rubber from your foot to the board.

  • @MichaelW said in Better Board Shoes Make for Better Riding!:

    Vans are awesome! Anything flat bottom with a thin layer of rubber from your foot to the board.

    I agree I just wear some Vans, or any flat bottom shoe works great.

  • I use Nike dunk sb (skate board) sneakers.. they're extremely comfortable, flat, flexible, and they have hundreds of color options....

  • Agree, same thing applies to electric skateboards as well. Anything with a thin sole and little to no cushioning is ideal. The worst are tennis shoes, all the cushion reduces board control.

  • @Zero Man, shoulda worn Chucks when I went for my test ride yesterday.

  • I highly recommend springblades they help smooth out the bumps and they cover the sensors perfectly. I use them 100% of the time ![alt text](0_1465427338470_image.jpeg image url)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Pretty sure you're trolling, but I would totally try these. Will either provide amazing suspension or unexpected dismount on weight transfer.

    @njcustom Dunk SB's are pretty great. I ordered a pair on someone on here's recommendation, maybe it was yours. They have the right amount of cushion in the right areas and feel really snuggy on the board. Seem more durable than most other skate shoes, too.

  • @bmtka sb's are extremely durable. I call them the forever sneaker because if you wear them like a normal person they will literally last and look new forever lol.. top quality sneaker for sure

  • SB's are super solid and my go to choice also. They are great for manuevering the board. I can also vouch for these if your board didnt get you enough looks:

  • @SC720 I like the high ankles on those. First thing I did on my test ride was drive the OW straight into my ankle. It never occurred to me to protect that...

  • @1woman1wheel While awesome for ballin 90's style they are no good for workin a onewheel. They would protect your ankles and pretty much your lower leg too they are so damn high lol.

    Although stopping your board in front of a group to pump up your shoes and then taking off again is hilarious.

  • @bmtka I can assure you I do not troll. I have had 2 spinal fusions, and believe me, when it comes to any benefit to relief to my lower back pain.... I am not joking!!!!!!
    I wear these shoes... Not in this color... Pretty often. At first I wasn't wearing them on the OW based on forum posts, but then I tried them after I got used to riding and never turned back..., I absolutely love em.

  • @1woman1wheel I use High ankle shoes... Basketball shoes for my son as he is learning, when you wipeout as you are falling off, you can hit your ankles and with no meat, that can smart :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL That. Is. Awesome. Now I really do want to try them. I bet they completely change the whole feel of the ride. Do you find that the heal and toe sit flat enough for good control?

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I have a pair to try on the OW but I am a little concerned about feeling disconnected. I can appreciate the added suspension provided by the springeblades though. I will give them a try to see how they feel and work....

  • Oh yeah. You feel 100 connected, and in 100 control, the tension isn't that loose. Remember you have 200 lbs. in my case bearing down on little slices of plastic, so it takes some of the jolt out of the hit but your not bouncing off the board. Like I said, it comes recommended. I'm not sure it's worth $150 to everyone to run out and buy a pair if you don't need em. But, if you want my opinion of the ultimate ride... That's it, it's a personal thing.

  • @LidPhones looking forward to some validation :)

  • Vans here as well..I picked up a nice pair of slip-ons..same basic pair I wore in 8th grade. Was the style at the time..

    Those springblades are bizzare..had not seen that yet, thanks.

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