OW Service Time Frame?

  • For those of you who've sent your OW in for repair approximately how long did that process take? I'm having severe OW withdrawal and considering getting a second one...

  • @BrianInMN FM should send out loaner boards to people who need to send their Onewheels in for repair.

  • This is what my dealer do for me... he gives me a onewheel during the time line will be sent for repair

  • @BrianInMN I had to send in both my boards at different times and they only had them for 2-3 days. Both times they didn't notify me that the boards were already on the way back to me. I emailed them regarding the status of the repairs and that's when they said UPS already had it and gave me the tracking info.

  • 2-3 days is not bad.
    At least they know we go nuts without our OW.

  • Not service per se.

    But I'm waiting on a new sensor they are gonna replace. Been a solid two days with no shipping info.

    Don't really wanna bug them again, hopefully shipped without notification as well.

  • Both of mine weren't being serviced, they were getting fixed as they completely stopped working.

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