Onewheel for sale UK

  • Hi, Used Onewheel for sale in the South East. Good condition with fender, fast charger and original box. Jon.

  • I'm just away to buy a new one from Europe - probably this afternoon.
    Saves import tax, and I want to order it before the 23rd incase the Euro plummets against the pound after this referendum!
    How much you wanting for it?
    Why you selling it? How old is it? Define 'good condition'!


  • Hi Pete, I got it just in time for Christmas. It's just been back to Onewheel to cure a clicking noise and I assume given a service while they were at it. I put tape on it from the outset but it still has wear on the ends as you would expect. I'm not sure about the price, it cost me £1300 to buy. Make me an offer. Where are you based? Jon.

  • I'm based in Aberdeen.
    I'm just under £1200 for a new one using a discount code I have - ordering from Holland.
    Do you know if the warranty is transferable?

  • Hi, This link: implies that the warranty would be honoured. It's a pity that you're so far away. Jon.

  • Far away if you were to ride it up to me!
    Probably under £10 to have a courier to deliver it though.
    How much are you looking for?

  • @p3eps Hi Pete, Would £900 be a fair price including the postage? Jon.

  • @Jon sent you a PM

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