flat tire replacement

  • Hi,

    Can you provide some instructions how to replace the flat tire, i.e. where to loose what/how to loose the cable from the wheel? I am in Germany, so shipping the device to USA is not really an option for me.



  • Do a search since someone recently posted a link to buy the tire and instructions on how to do it.

  • @pedjak futuremotion will open a maintenance center in europe in a few weeks or month....

  • @fabuz That is good news! You heard this from FM?

  • @Polle yes dude:

    Future Motion (Future Motion Inc)
    Apr 18, 13:57
    Hey Fab,
    Stoked to hear you are loving your board! We are aiming to have our European repair center open by the end of June 2016. If you are having any issues with your board we can of course have your board come to our repair center in the US.

  • I'm going to do a complete tutorial on how to change the tire very soon.. it's really easy..

  • @njcustom You're so the man!

  • Thanks @J-Glide much appreciated

  • @njcustom I need this so badly.

  • Nice, I wanna experiment with different tires..

  • @njcustom much appreciated!

  • @No not a good idea.. as a technician/mechanic i highly recommend the same tire.. it must be a slick too for safety reasons.

    • to remember to check the video when its released.

  • @njcustom , not questioning you at all. Simply wish to learn. Why is a slick tire necessary for safety? I agree that at 15 MPH a treaded tire wont make a huge difference in any environment I can think of, but curious about safety? Thanks!

  • @Count if something like a rock or stick gets caught in the tread you're most likely getting hurt ..

  • @Count to add on to what @njcustom said I have had one experience where I was on an extremely rocky offroad trail and somehow a very large rock stuck to the wheel and the wheel tried to keep spinning but the rock was digging in to it and eventually jammed. So it threw me about 5 feet in front of the board. If the tire had treads I could see this situation happening all the time. Just like your car tires pick every little rock and pebble up.

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