flat tire replacement

  • Nice, I wanna experiment with different tires..

  • @njcustom much appreciated!

  • @No not a good idea.. as a technician/mechanic i highly recommend the same tire.. it must be a slick too for safety reasons.

    • to remember to check the video when its released.

  • @njcustom , not questioning you at all. Simply wish to learn. Why is a slick tire necessary for safety? I agree that at 15 MPH a treaded tire wont make a huge difference in any environment I can think of, but curious about safety? Thanks!

  • @Count if something like a rock or stick gets caught in the tread you're most likely getting hurt ..

  • @Count to add on to what @njcustom said I have had one experience where I was on an extremely rocky offroad trail and somehow a very large rock stuck to the wheel and the wheel tried to keep spinning but the rock was digging in to it and eventually jammed. So it threw me about 5 feet in front of the board. If the tire had treads I could see this situation happening all the time. Just like your car tires pick every little rock and pebble up.

  • @fabuz Not sure if anyone is still here but is there any news on the "European Repair center that will be opening by June 2016"..? Last thing I heard from FM is that it would open by the end of 2016, and after that that they would keep me posted of any evolutions. I guess there is no European repair center? And European riders are paying the pretty high shipping cost?

  • @saturnone hey bro ! I'm still here yeah !
    If you did not watched it yet, there's a voice of onewheel episode with FM and they were talkin about it
    But I think they say YES MAYBE because they don't want to tell us a NO NEVER...
    We will have to be patient tho....

  • Hm, thanks man for the swift reply. I'm ok for now in terms of my onewheels being operational but had hoped a European center would offer accessories--and thus lower or no shipping cost.. As you indicate: we'll have to be patient--and pay..

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