Video on "How To" Check it out.

  • This is first Video on my "How To" Series. Well the first could be counted as my how to How To Clean your Onewheel Video. I took a good amount of time on this video so that I could educate any one interested in installing foot pads on the Onewheel (and "Bumpers" Video coming soon). The Video is a little longer than I like my videos to be but it was necessary to get all the info in there. Let me know what you all think. Installing new Foot Pads

  • Great job @dude! Your board looked pretty healthy yet. Is there any guidance when they should be replaced? Thanks for your videos.

  • @Dude Great video! I would suggest putting the screws in the lid of a jar or something while you're working on it though, not balancing them on the wheel, haha.

  • @thegreck ha ha ..... good idea.
    @duc809 Thank You. I would recommend to wait until the wood is splintering or maybe damaged. To be honest I put my old ones back on for now they have some more life left in them. I really wanted to make the video and get it out there.

  • @Dude Solid suit man.

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