Helmet with rear view recommendations...

  • So they had a new 2 way bike trail at the park and couple times I wasn't aware of passing bikes until they passed.
    Picked up a rear view mirror and seems to be working.
    Darn, the older you get, the farther away you have to pull that mirror out. lol..
    I'm loving that 3M fasteners. Holds great.
    Other ideas recommendations would be great ...



  • IMO not a good idea.. An awkward fall could result in eye damage.. I've heard of it happening to cyclists..

  • @DavidJohn

    Actually, I've tried it few times and will do without.
    mainly because I can't get good view and it can be a distraction.

  • @sonny123 I've been trying to practice looking back while riding full steam. It's a bit scary to do while on a narrow sidewalk or alongside parked cars, but it's something I need to be able to do.

  • @thegreck

    Yep. I'm okay checking around me going at 7-9 mph.
    That day, I was carving right and left on the bike trail and then noticed a bicycle trying to pass but didn't want to scare me off which was nice of him. So I thought of that idea.
    But now before speeding, I always look back and make sure I'm going solo..

  • @sonny123 Yeah bikes can come up on you fast. You'll think you're all alone on a bike path, then suddenly some guy on a ten-speed flies by going twice as fast as you, yelling "ON YOUR LEFT!"

  • @thegreck

    That area gets pretty crowded now.
    That's why they added a new bike trail and the old one turned for pedestrians.
    Still get few dogs jump on me every now and then.. lol..

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