Bayview, San Francisco- let's ride

  • lots of great terrain, I'm off Innes and 3rd, always looking for someone to shred with, d.

  • @dingo I live in the bay area and will ping you when I'm in town to ride. I'm out till next week.

  • i'm also in SF, down to ride -- if anyone is in the avenues (i'm in inner richmond) hitting up trails (and around the golf course) in Presidio is my current onewheel stomping grounds.

  • i use my onewheel in SF to bring my bbq gear up and down the ramp at China Beach. China beach is also a great place for beach riding - the sand is nice and smooth and moist from the waves and the scenary can't be beat. Also a lot less crowded than Baker Beach.

  • In San Mateo but work in SF. Family keeps be busy, so I 'm mostly night riding the burbs(Hillsborough/San Mateo Park) and looking for opportunities to run errands downtown. Would love to hook up, just need some notice.


  • Finding more and more places out here, great pavement, Bay Trail, shipyards, anyone interested?

  • @dingo I am up for riding this weekend. Pick a spot and I can meet you there. If you plan for Sunday I will have two more riders join us as they are getting into town on Saturday night.

  • Where is the access for the shipyards? I rode Crissy Field area last week. Fun place to ride and lots of ways to hit it, smooth dirt and paved. I live in San Mateo and there are a bunch of us that OW there since we kiteboard near the bay trail.

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