Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...

  • Hello everyone! I am considering purchasing a Onewheel. Looking at other threads here, there have been reports of boards randomly stopping, and the "push power button to charge" thing. These things are a little unnerving to me considering the price of this board. The posts, however, are about four months old now. I am wondering if people are still experiencing these, or if anything has been addressed to fix these issues.

  • Considering the amount of Onewheels out there,
    there's very little issues.

    Nose dive is mainly due to rider's error.
    The board will either work or it won't.
    Mishaps happen with any sports.

    OW support is there when you need them.
    The built quality on this thing is worth the price.

  • @djdrewbie So that's what you're focusing on? With thousands of satisfied customers who spend every free second possible riding this amazing machine?

    You're never going to find a mass-produced mechanical product that doesn't every now and then have some kind of an issue, I don't care how expensive it is. One of the reasons the Onewheel is a bit pricey is because it's made really well, and because of something goes wrong with it, you can send it in and they'll fix it for you.

    And the suddenly stopping thing you mentioned is user error 99.9% of the time. I've put several hundred miles on my Onewheel and not once has it suddenly stopped.

    I highly, HIGHLY recommend buying a Onewheel to anyone willing to take the time to get to know their board before attempting to ride it at top speed. No one jumps on a snowboard and attempts the steepest slope on their first run.

    If you're willing to do that, don't think about it for another second, and send them your money. You will LOVE it. It's been the best purchase I ever made.

  • @djdrewbie there is no 'but'. The amount of time you wait before ordering your OneWheel is directly proportional to the level of regret you'll feel for waiting so long. If nosediving doesn't sound like fun, this forum will help you avoid it. In a nutshell, don't ride in Classic mode, be sure to cover the blue sensors, start slow and build speed over time, and be careful when going past pushback (this will all make more sense in 5 days when you take your first ride). If you order it, you won't regret it. Respect the wheel, and the wheel will provide you endless grins.

  • @djdrewbie I have gone almost 1800 miles on my board, and I have only nose dived twice because of me pushing the board too hard. My father who is 65 has logged 300 miles and hasn't gone down once. Probably because he rides more conservative than I have.

    Without question, this is the most fun item I have EVER owned even as a kid. I wouldn't give my board up for anything at this point. Infact, if it was $4,000 it would still be worth it.

  • J, how many tires have you gone through in those 1800mi? Off topic, but I'm curious about the average life of a tire

  • @jordo Great newbie list, but I'd like to add one more: ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET! (Just ask @atl1wheelin or @1woman1wheel )

  • @LWMcQuaid I have two boards, one with 975 miles, and the other with 900. FM claims you get 1000 miles on a tire, and I have to agree. I bet I still have another 400 miles left on both.

    The trick for me has been changing the side the sensor is on. I noticed on mine I tend to wear the edge of the tire my heals are on first, plus tire pressure makes a huge difference on wear. If you are good about keeping it between 18 to 20 psi when you are on pavement it helps a lot!

    To answer your question, I'm still on the original tire on both boards.

  • Buy it... Trust me, just ask what's her name....

  • @J-Glide Great input on getting optimal tire life.... @djdrewbie I followed the OW from the Kickstarter launch. I am so glad I finally pulled the trigger a few weeks back. You will not regret it!

  • @LidPhones no, you won't regret it at all, but your friends and family will miss you when you're always gone. Haha....

  • @J-Glide LOL... So true they are always like where did you go for the last 30 minutes.. "Oh just a quick ride around the neighborhood".

  • @J-Glide said in Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...:

    @LidPhones no, you won't regret it at all, but your friends and family will miss you when you're always gone. Haha....

    And your wife will get tired of you talking about it all the time. And I do mean All. The. Time.

  • @thegreck said in Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...:

    @J-Glide said in Thinking about purchasing a Onewheel, but...:

    @LidPhones no, you won't regret it at all, but your friends and family will miss you when you're always gone. Haha....

    And your wife will get tired of you talking about it all the time. And I do mean All. The. Time.

    Or your husband!

  • Does the OW have an overall odometer? I only get a trip one in the app.
    I wonder how far I've been in total!

  • @p3eps pOWheel made by forummember @kwatts / only available on Android.

  • @p3eps I've been wanting an overall odometer too, but it's not in the OW app and the @kwatts app appears to only be for android (and I don't really feel like carrying my tablet around on my cruises). I've been tracking my rides using Map My Run and plan to add up the total mileage and add it to the odometer when an iPhone OW odometer app comes out.

  • Out of all the electronic purchases I've made in my life, I'd say the OneWheel has to be one of the very best top purchases for me. If I regret anything, it's not finding out about it sooner, ha-ha. Chances are that you'll love it too. Good luck with your decision.

  • I second what everyone has been saying here. I also was concerned when I saw the posts about nose-diving, but so far (knock-on-wood) I have had no issues. I'm trying to follow the advice given by others on this forum: keeping my center of gravity over the wheel, paying close attention to pushback, building up my skills gradually, and so far the Onewheel has been trouble-free and outrageously fun.

  • @amyt2205
    Thats it. If you can practice cog to where its like muscle memory you can go for night rides which I just found out is alot of fun just now. I put 2 strips of masking tape around the sensors to help me stay on them. The light on this thing is like a spotlight. I was turning it off and on. Like going into stealth mode...

  • Do it, pull the trigger, buy it... now. I know I am just repeating what everyone else has been repeating, but you really should buy it. I will fully admit that from a budget perspective, there is no way I should have spent the money, but I did and I don't regret it, nor does my girlfriend who rides the other one. Yes, problems occur, as they do with anything, but the community is telling you that with over 6K boards out there (last I checked), the problems that have come up really are inconsequential. And to make them truly inconsequential, Futuremotion stands behind their products. I have not personally dealt with customer service, but from everything I have read it is incredible. They understand that early adopters (can we still be called that?) are making a serious investment and I have heard no reports of anyone being hung out to dry.

    Also to address the nosediving issue, I took a nose dive early on, going uphill wearing a backpack. It wasn't fun, but it was entirely my fault. I was just beginning to feel comfortable while not really having enough experience to push it. I didn't notice the pushback and with my headphones in I didn't hear the motor screaming "no really dude, back it off!!" I was pushing it too hard, simple as that. Now I ride more aware, and never with headphones (personal choice). I have not had that experience since.

    Have I mentioned yet that you should buy it? I can't think of anything free or paid for that has put as much of a smile on my face as riding onewheels with my girl. She's happy, I'm happy, and I'l be damned if the people around us aren't smiling and pointing as well. Seriously, turn off the thinker and enter your card number. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Then send NJcustom an email about a fender, unless you happen to live somewhere that is never wet, dirty or sandy.

    Thats my 10 cents.

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