Battery shuts down at 40%

  • Has anyone else experienced a problem with the battery?

    I only have about 7 rides on my Onewheel and it's less than a week old. The two times I've ridden down past 50% the wheel just locks, it shuts down and I get an error message.

    The second time I was watching the app and mileage very closely. I had gone about 3 miles, it said 40%, and the wheel just locked.

    Tech said to charge it for 48 hours and test it again but I'm just curious if anyone else has had this issue.

  • @cmpridy

    I added some pics here to illustrate what I'm dealing with. You can see the battery in the background around 40%.



  • @cmpridy i have to ask how much do you weigh and also whats your tire pressure at

  • @juts
    I weigh 175 lbs. and checked the tire pressure at 18 psi.

  • @cmpridy The wheel locks?? While you're riding it??

  • @thegreck
    Yeah it locks. The first time I wasn't too sure because it was brand new and was expecting everything to work just fine. The second time as soon as it shutdown it definitely locked, I went forward, and as soon as I got off I checked and it was noticeably locked, as in not able to freewheel spin it with my hand.

  • Thats strange the wheel locks. I thought battery might die quick cause of weight

  • @juts

    Yeah, I thought so too. I think it just has to do with the battery shutting down or whatever is going on, that's the only times its occurred.

    I'm 25 hours through on the 48 hour charge they recommended to balance the batteries. I'll post back tomorrow with the results.

    It doesn't seem like this has happened to anyone else as far as I can tell from searching this forum.

  • Just a side note, a correctly functioning OW's tire does not spin freely when it on. It is not locked either, but there is very noticeable drag on the tire/hub when the OW is on. I only mention it cause the op has had it for such a short time.

  • @wr420

    That is a good point wr420. I didn't try too hard to spin it with my hand because I didn't want to force it and just the normal resistance, compared to powered forward movement, could have been what I felt.

    Hopefully after the 48 hours on the charger I will be back up and running.

  • @cmpridy

    I left it in the charger for a full 48 hours as recommended by Onewheel support and it appears the problem is solved.

    I rode it down to 35% last night with no issues.

  • Good to hear

  • @cmpridy Great I was going to suggest the over night charge. Im glad it fixed your issue.

  • Does anyone know what they recommend as far as how often to do a 24 hour charge? As in, like every 5 quick charges one 24 hour.

  • @cmpridy Once a Month

  • @cmpridy I'm having the same issues right out of the box. Only it would charge for hours and it shut down at 98%.. After a 24 hour charge it's doing the same once it reaches 75%.. And running less than 1/2 mile Before shutting down..

    Will a continuous 48 hour charge fix my battery?

    Is your battery working has it should now?

    It seems these issues are popping up only recently.. Wonder if the factory has had a bad batch of battery's last few months!!

  • Same issue at 28%. What's the fix?

  • @CapoDelToro said in Battery shuts down at 40%:

    Same issue at 28%. What's the fix?

    charge for 48 hours. if you see improvement continue to run it til it dies and charge for 48+ hours. repeat. If you don't see improvements contact support.

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