Factory Fender is On the Way! Alternate Mounting / Noise Dampening Plans.

  • My OW fender is on the way and I can not wait for the arrival. I plan to mount it using Neo magnets and industrial Velcro so it can be removed when desired but stay in place until then. Also I will be brushing on some poly coating to dampen noise a bit. I will post a video of these mods here for review.

  • Good luck with the magnets.. I don't believe they will be strong enough for the weight of the plastic fender.. but I'm interested to know ..

  • @njcustom Thanks.... I will likely need some luck. I might be getting one of your sweet fenders down the road depending on how this works out. Here is an image of my four 1/2 square Neos. Now I need to reach out to my 3M contact to get the Velcro.
    0_1467124019888_image.jpeg Neo Mags

  • @LidPhones I have the factory fender mounted with the screws and I'm pretty happy to have it on all the time. There's always some unexpected pebble or puddle around that it guards you from. It's also nice to be able to lean the OW fender side on whatever without marking up from the dirty wheel. Just my 2 cents.

  • @LidPhones round will work better.. hope it works out for you!

  • After some shipping (tracking number) issues from FM the OEM fender will arrive today. I will post an install video on the stock method and then a follow once modified.

  • I am interested to see how this works?

  • Noise? what noise? mine is whisper quiet?

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