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    Hey guys,
    I've decided to put my like new OneWheel up for sale. I have loved learning how to ride it and it truly is a unique experience but I find myself using my Boosted Board more often to get around town. I've also been getting back into mountain biking and simply haven't ridden the OneWheel much recently. There is nothing wrong with it, performs flawlessly under all conditions. Quick info below:

    • Bought new from an authorized retailer in May 2016
    • Currently has 81 miles on it
    • Never seen water of any kind
    • Stored indoors
    • Includes fender kit with rubber coating on the underside to reduce rock noise
    • Minor typical scratches on underside of blue rails and plastic bumpers
    • Located in Indiana, will ship within U.S.
    • $1,200
    • Reply or PM if interested!

    More pictures located here >>>

    alt text

  • How far are you from Chicago

  • Looks clean, good luck it should go quick..

  • I can't believe what a disaster mine looks like next to that :)

  • @Zero pm'd you.

  • How much would shipping be to CT?

  • @dsandilands Do you have an approximate zip code? I can check on cost.

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