Used onewheel for sale in Ireland

  • I got a Onewheel a few weeks ago, and have been really enjoying it. However, I've decided that before I take too much of a spill I'm going to sell it.

    If anyone's looking for one in Ireland, give me a call on 087 694 5352 and we can talk.

    It has plenty of use marks but is in great condition and has only 28 miles on the clock.


  • Did you break sonething? How did you wreck?I think we've all wrecked at one time or another. Some just aren't willing to admit it...

  • Nothing is broken, I haven't wrecked at all. Just decided the risk isn't worth the enjoyment for me.

  • Currently laid out with my 3rd significant injury and can't imagine giving up my OW. To each his own.

  • @petercoxphoto Hi Peter i might have someone interested in buying it can you e mail me photos of the wear and tear of it and how much you would like for it please? My e mail address is

  • Thanks guys, this is now sold.

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