Pokemon Go

  • Anyone else agree that onewheel + pokemon go is going to be KILLER!?

  • @kelp I just heard about this. I would imagine it would be like a run-fast cheat in a normal video game. OWers should rule on this one!

  • Someone Told me about this game today. I agree @kelp this could be Epic!

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Really? Grow up and forget about Pokemon, and learn that chicks are mesmerized by this thing, and are always wanting to try it out. Obviously, they need lots of hand holding to try it. I ride exclusively on the beach, which means the ladies are bikini clad and usually young and hot. Pokemon? REALLY?

  • @Count I agree with you, But some People are more interested in Pokemon and Games than they are with Girls. This is just the crazy World we live in.

  • @Count Cool attitude bro. Teach us more about pulling chicks.

  • @Count lol you are really cool man!

  • @Count Really? Grow up and don't forget that not all of us are using our onewheel to pull ass. Many of us are in stable relationships you know. ;)

  • I guess my response was a bit abrasive, and for that i apologize. All I know is that my kids gave up on Pokemon around 2004 or so, so I guess I judged others on that. I personally find it inconceivable that adults could be interested in trading card games, but I respect your choice to do so. I did not go out riding on the beach looking for hook-ups, and I was surprised in the interest I get from the fairer sex. To each their own. Bottom line is that if you are having fun, you are achieving the goal!

  • @Count Nice recovery!

  • Never heard of this until today.. I read about a guy that died playing because he got out of the car in traffic ..

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