Tire change! Here is the tutorial..

  • Well, I took it into the tire shop and told me no way they won't touch it. I guess I'll keep at it.

    Can anyone answer these questions?

    1. Does the bead break on both sides?

    2. Does the tire slide down and away from the valve off the rim or the other way around? How it's written in the tutorial is a little confusing.

  • @cmpridy

    The first tire shop I went to, there were 2 elder guys who didn't want to bother.
    The second, was a young guy who just said 10 bucks and gave him $5 tip.
    First time he did it, was little hard as it was slipping but did it couple more times with him,
    and now it's a piece of cake.

    Try a 2 X 4 cut into a square enough to cover the tire and slide down the rim.
    Place it on the tire with a flat plywood on top and jump on it.
    That may pop it off.

    Kinda home made tool similar to the link I posted.

  • Can anyone please let me know of the bead should completely break on BOTH sides of the wheel?

    Like I said above, the bead on one side is completely free, and I can slide/smash the tire from that side all the way down towards the other side.

    The other side I have separated from the side of the rim but I cannot smash down like I can the first side.

    I'm assuming BOTH sides need to be free in order to get it off?

  • @cmpridy what are you using to break the bead?

  • @njcustom

    So, just to be clear, DOES THE BEAD COMPLETEY BREAK OFF BOTH SIDES OF THE TIRE, is my primary question.

    I'm using 18" tire spoons, the first side was no problem (side with the valve).

    The other side won't break, which is why I'm asking the question. It is significantly harder.

    The tutorial says it comes off only one way but the whole breaking the bead and removal part is leaving me with a lot of questions.

  • @cmpridy yes, u need to break the bead on both side, then use the spoons to remove the tire.

  • Thank you!

  • @cmpridy checkout YouTube there's tons of how to change a kart tire. Probably easier to take it to a local shop..😀

  • So just an update. After hours of attempting to get the old tire off I gave up in fear of damaging the wheel.

    I took it to multiple tire shops (car, atv, and motorcycle) in the Denver area who all refused to work on it. Luckily my last stop was Woodys Wheel Works and they were able to do it. I waited and watched as it took three of them over two hours to get it done, and this is what these guys do.

    For those considering doing this I would recommend just sending it in to FM for the extra $100 or whatever it would cost.

  • @cmpridy I can literally change the tire in under 10 mins with 2 tire spoons..

  • @njcustom
    Spoonman come together with you hand Chaaange me... PUt the new tire on my one wheel.. Change meee...............................
    ................................ change me 900sssss

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL sounds like a song lol

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Soundgarden! Hahahaa yes ...It took me a minute

  • @njcustom said in Tire change! Here is the tutorial..:

    @Aaron-Broward-FL Soundgarden! Hahahaa yes ...It took me a minute

    Musician :) i make everything into a song... Plus I love the 90's

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I'm with you on that, I love the 90's lol

  • @njcustom You will like my band, when we finally settle on some music.. Still very much in the demo phase. But, there is a lot of Alice in chance, Pearl Jam, sound garden type influence.
    But i 'm trying to get a modern sound.

    Not to get totally off topic, but i have totally fallen in love with a band called 12 foot ninja. Heard of em?

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL cool man.. send me some links when you can.. no I never heard of them but I will listen now

  • If anyone has plans to change the tire it would be super nice to make a complete video of it. Like a forehead GoPro vid to let us see everything and to see how much strengh we could put if something is stuck (yes, there is always something stuck..)


  • @Jeff I stripped one of those screws that holds the wire bracket and delayed the project by 1-2 hours of profanity and questioning my existence.

  • @Hubbitron I did the exact same thing. You can still remove the wheel without removing that plate though.

    I'm stuck on remounting my new tire onto the rim. I can't get the second lip up and over the rim. I don't have too many tools, just screw drivers and hex keys. Anyone have any suggestion? All the youtube tutorials I find make it look so easy, but the Vega tire is really stiff and hard to flex or bend.

    0_1488750528390_tire halfway on.jpg

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