New site is pretty awesome.

  • Congrats on the relaunch
    I like it, I think it really hits the points, starting to really look polished, hit those bullets, sell the positives of the board and bring across the riding experience as best you can cause its so unique!!! :) I will start sending people to the site instead of YouTube.

  • Cool new video from Onewheel.

  • @sonny123 that powerslide is what dreams are made of

  • I was riding on the beach Sunday, and ran as far as I could into the soft sand. I leaned fully forward, and kicked up a fairly nice rooster tail of sand! It would make a really cool video, someone "kicking" sand into the face of the dweeb with the hot girlfriend, reminiscent of the tough guy kicking sand into the face of the dweeb!

  • I noticed that the new site states that "Ultra charger charges in well under an hour" (click the plus next to "Freedom to roam"), which seems to correlate with my experience. I've never had it charge in the 20 minutes they weirdly also state further down the page.

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