• So I got an Android phone to run this app but the appearance is off. It's running Android 5.1. I'm not familiar with Android at all. Is there something I can change in the settings? Suggestions?

  • @BrianInMN cleaning that up in next release (in the next day or so). Thanks for using and posting the screenshot, it helps me see what's going on with different resolutions.

  • @kwatts Excellent!

  • @kwatts here is recent Lenovo tablet screen shot.
    screen shot

  • @kwatts waiting eagerly on the next release for the cleanup of the fonts :)

    Also I found a little bug. if you connect to your onewheel while charging, the vibrations warning are occuring during the charging process ;)

    And finally another issue, despite metrics units is checked in the settings, it always start in MPH mode!
    and if I change to metrics, then I can't connect anymore to my wheel, I have to kill the app and try again...but then it again start in MPH mode...Can you make this mode persistent? :)

  • @Tartopom Cleaned up the fonts a bit, just released another rev. The charging and buzzing, yeah, there is that :) - I mean, you can see the stats when it is charging, that's kind of cool right? I'm also giving excuses, there was this "charging" state the OW had, that doesn't seem to trigger on or off when it's being charged, so it'd take some work to know it's being charged vs getting regenerative power or plugged in.

  • @kwatts thanks a lot! I will tell you how it goes. Any improvement on the metric thing?

  • @Tartopom Yeah just tested this (bit behind) and your right, it's not persisting. I'll add that to the list for next release.

  • @kwatts great ;)

  • I'm not seeing Trip Top Speed anymore?

  • @BrianInMN This on the last Ponewheel version, that is you updated it?

    Hmm... I need to add something to get these metrics/dimensions and device type. For now can you get me what you have, the exact Model Name and Android Version? It's under "Settings-> About Phone".

  • I was able to check my total mileage on someone's Android phone last weekend, and was surprised to find I've ridden my Onewheel over 500 miles!

  • @kwatts
    BLU Advance 5.5
    Android Version 5.1

  • @BrianInMN
    Model number is actually 5.0 not 5.5

  • This post is deleted!

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