Used OneWheel For Sale in Vancouver, BC

  • Decided to sell my OneWheel. I've had it for about 6 weeks, used it a fair bit.

    Paid $2300 new, selling it for $1600 CDN. PM me or phone 604-649-7048.


  • Even at the current exchange rate, you can buy one new today at $1955 Canadian ($1500 US). How did you end up paying $2300 (I presume Canadian)? Best of luck!

  • @Count I paid the same for mine from our local dealer. I calculated everything and if I'd ordered from FM, it would have come to just a little less with the taxes and everything. I'd planned to ship to Washington and just pick it up there, but I would have paid the CA tax as well as the Canadian tax taking it across the border. Buying locally was freaking expensive, but in the end it made sense...

  • @autobio I would have bought yours in a heartbeat but I probably got mine around the same time. Sorry you're selling; I still haven't seen anyone else locally with one. I'm in PoCo.

  • @westcoastr you need to get out to Edmonton :p

  • @Count i paid 2200 after tax for mine (exchange rate, tax, shipping and duty would have cost me 2500)

  • I paid 2300 after tax. I'm in Saskatoon

  • @juts said in Used OneWheel For Sale in Vancouver, BC:

    @westcoastr you need to get out to Edmonton :p
    Haha! No mountains or ocean in Edmonton... :)

  • Hey man, is it still for sale?

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