Power button water proofing!!

  • Here's another good one for my onewheel family.. power button water proofing..

    I had recently purchased another vacuum pump and degassing chamber for my carbon fiber business and it came with this silicone sheet for whatever reason.. well it came to good use today..

    You can take the board apart to glue it in or cut a small piece and slide it in.. which can be difficult but is possible..


  • Here an eBay link to the same type of silicone sheet I used..


  • @njcustom how the hell you get it in there removed the foot pad??

  • @dirtyjersey the foot pad and brain have to come out ..it can be squeezed in but it's a pain.. I suggest taking it apart for a 100% water tight fit...

  • Does that void the warranty?? @njcustom

  • @dirtyjersey no, when you take it apart there is a sticker inside that says "warranty void if sticker is removed" it seals the brain..

  • @thegreck interesting

  • Silicone implant?

  • @njcustom Looks cool, but does it actually waterproof it? Seems like water could still go around it.

  • @thegreck I took it apart and silicone glued it in.. if you slide it in without glue it might still get moisture , however it won't be direct.. and sand also can't get smashed in there..

  • I went for the ol' velcro flap ...
    2_1468185606471_1.jpg 1_1468185606471_2.jpg 0_1468185606471_3.jpg
    ... I slap it on if I'm heading to the beach, seems to keep most sand and rogue waves out.

  • @Dmonicle nice!!

  • @Dmonicle I agree Great Idea. That will keep a lot of sand, dust and dirt out. If your not going near Water this is a Great Idea.

  • 0_1468254826377_IMG_9253.jpg
    I do ride low tide with it whenever I can. The flap keeps out water, I'm not going submarine.

    @Dude said in Power button water proofing!!:

    @Dmonicle I agree Great Idea. That will keep a lot of sand, dust and dirt out. If your not going near Water this is a Great Idea.

  • @njcustom Love the clean look of this. Please let us know if this continues to work well for you. Might be worth some onewheel surgery to install.

  • @duc809 it's extremely durable stuff and reinforced.. that's nylon string infused in the silicone.. I also silicone glued it in place.. silicone glue is also some strong long lasting stuff.. I use it to make or seal gaskets on gasoline engines..

  • If I were concerned about this (I'm not) I would tape a portion of an unlubricated condom (preferably unused) over the switch. It is plenty flexible enough to endure endless on/off cycles, and would seal it much better than a velcro flap...

  • However, this has piqued my curiosity, and the next time I have the control box open (my name for it) I may try to install some sort of impermeable cover on it, perhaps a condom or a surgical rubber glove. I'll let you know how that works!

  • @Count gloves and condoms are pretty thin but could work.. I wanted something permanent..

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