Downhill of the Death story

  • I was cooking a nice video for the community when this fucking board nosedived without warning...Fortunatly no broken bone but...!
    Updatevideos link:
    Part one:

    Part two


  • Ouch.. you sure you didn't come off the sensor? That's usually the case..

  • @njcustom can't say now but the slowmotion will tell us ;)

  • @fabuz Gnarly wound, man! I worry about that all the time while I'm riding. We put a lot of faith in the electronics of these things!

  • I've had my board about a year now and it's never once failed me.. I have failed myself though lol

  • @fabuz That's gotta hurt! Courage!

  • @njcustom agree with you man...i was certainly too much overconfidence....

  • @fabuz crazy wound. Looks like you hit some debris on the ground.

  • @fabuz damn.......glad you are ok. can't wait to see the Video you are working on

  • Ca arrive meme au meilleurs ;)

  • I do not think coming off the sensor is usually the case....
    When you push through the pushback, you over work the motor causing it to fail. That creates the nosedive....
    I engaged in this experiment unwittingly myself when preparing a video on speed....

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL you're right man, after rewatching my wipeout, i think that i push the limit too much in a big downhill and at the braking moment (ok it was a hard braking ) the board tilted forward and thrown me the lack of experience on my part about downhill explain my wipeout. @njcustom the nosedive is not 100% my responsability ;)

  • Sexy. Sexy. 0_1468326166236_image.jpeg

    I actually wish I would have taken the picture a day later when the cut on my hip turned into a 8 inch by 4 inch bruise and the 3 road Rashed patches began to drain fluid then turned into scabs and started bleeding. One minute I was going + 15 mph the next, my face was sliding into pavement.... Good thing I had the helmet and wrist guards. Wish I had the elbow pads.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL you are correct.. failure is one of 2 things.. you pushed the limits of the motor or the sensor was disengaged..

  • You missed one, njcustom! I have taken some good spills as a result of the battery dying... No warning, it just dies, the nose dives and digs in, and I go flying. I am working on an audible battery monitor, which will beep when the battery reached a certain voltage. The tough part will be determining what the exact voltage actually is that causes the OneWheel to turn off. I foresee a few bruises in my future!

  • Downhill of the death video here(part one):
    @njcustom sorry dude I haven't had time to edit the nosedive slowmo...
    I'm waiting for all your comments about this happy ending ;)

  • @fabuz Ouch, I see Pain...

  • @fabuz Wow, you were going fast! I think you hit the speed limit there 😬 Looks like a pretty steep decline too!

  • Looks as if you went past the "pushback" .. I could be wrong

  • @fabuz That might be the fastest I've seen anyone ride that thing! Gnarly fall, too. Looks like you may have hit the limit then over corrected.

  • Is it possible you overcharged it? When going downhill, if you keep going when you're already at 100% power, it'll just shut off.

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