Buzzing noise at high speeds

  • Is this normal? Here's a video I shot of the issue:

  • @trappar Mine does that and it means slow down before you nosedive.

  • Mine starts doing it at about 12 mph though - well before I start getting the pushback.

  • @trappar Hard to say if that's pushback... mine doesn't sound like that. Are you in Extreme mode? If not, you should switch to that and see if you have the same issue.

  • @thegreck this is indeed in extreme mode

  • I get the exact same sound, but only when I'm doing hard toeside turns. I'm in extreme mode and usually going 50% speed

  • I am getting this noise at lower speeds now just not as loud

  • I get it randomly, but usually around 15 mph

  • doesnt sound very well. i have the experience of 3 different boards and no one of them is doing this with your speed. my board sounds a lil bit like yours @ ~30 km/h, after the pushback, but thats normal i guess.

  • Mine was making a similar noise under acceleration to that at one point . With mine, it did not make the noise til you had rode it a while. The more you rode it the more the board would make it the noise. When it was making the noise you could feel something off with the self balancing. Power cycling the ow would resolve the problem for a mile or 2 but it would come back.
    I sent it in and the replaced the controller. Not sure if you are getting all those symptoms, but that was my experience.

  • @wr420 Mine isn in for repair, would not turn on with a full charge. How long did it take for to get back to you? Thanks, have a great day,

  • @Brandohim - They had mine for about 10 days both times. I'm close so FedEx ground get it from point A to point B by the next day. It was almost 2 weeks door to door including shipping. And that's with me contacting them every few days to check on it.

  • @wr420 mine from rochester ny was 3 weeks door to door....

  • Was there any solution found to this, or is this just normal behavior? I get the exact same buzzing sound near max speed as in trappar's video.

  • there are resonances that occur under some conditions in different parts of the board.

    the motor is very quiet but there are sounds made by the fields that may resonate.

    road texture and speed and tire pressure and temperature and humidity and rider mass are some factors.

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