Fender in Germany?

  • Hello,

    when will the fender be available in Europe/Germany?

    Best Regards

  • I can send you one now..

  • njcustom's fenders are beautiful, and I would highly recommend them. I bought a factory one before his were available, and while it worked, it does not add to the appearance at all, and is inferior in quality, and is not readily removable. I opted for the blue one for a bit extra, but I have seen the black ones, and they rock!

  • @booster1304 You can order them (both) without any problems, they ship internationally.

  • Hello ppl,
    when ordering from the US the shipping costs are exploding i think.
    Have you got a picture njcustom?

  • @booster1304 this is matte...i also have gloss and limited blue..0_1468514132871_IMG_20160714_123454.jpg

  • I have the blue one. (Got it from my pops @BrianInMN.)
    Mighty good lookin, I must say.

  • Hi! We are making fenders in Europe. Take a look at here: http://newtechsports.mycashflow.fi/product/3/new--tech-sports-rapakaari-onewheelille Shipping to EU is + 20 €.

    Sorry about the language of the website (we are working on more international ones), but Google translate will help. Send us an e-mail: info (a) newtechsports.fi. Wir bedienen auch auf Deutsch.

  • @newtechsports Why would anyone buy a plastic crappy one for the same price njcustom makes them out of carbon fiber...?

  • @BadWolf It's half of the price compared to a njcustom one! ;) You have to bear in mind the customs + VAT when comparing the US prices to EU ones.

    The plastic used is not just any crap plastic, but the same they use in trailer covers & other outdoor vehicle use. It's 3 mm thick so it can take a lot of impacts before cracking!

  • 0_1474493323614_image.jpeg

    This is the fender from finland! with an OW sticker of mine...

    I've always tusted these guys from up north, a week of nasty crashes still in good shape, definitely a good solid thing!

    Funny to web-shop in finish :-)

    In action here: https://youtu.be/wvifl4ZZla4
    Now it is scratched a lot more!

    Like this on the worst side:

    Can ABS ones endure this? I know CF will ;-) and can be repaired...


  • And thanks to @Rno we accept now Paypal.

    For the scratches, one could try e.g. a following method: http://wavewalk.com/blog/2008/03/23/how-to-avoid-and-repair-scratches-in-your-kayak/

    The stuff is HDPE so there's plenty of advice available on making it look nice again! ;)

  • No worries the photo is too hard with light, the scratches are not that bad at all.

    Here with a better light, this morning:


    I really recommend this fender!
    Solid is what I mean!

  • 0_1474747903712_image.jpeg

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