Here goes slime again..

  • Odd. I changed my tire little over 2 months ago and I'm seeing tread.
    I must be riding like crazy. I do 3-4 runs a day and 4-6 on Sunday.
    Gonna add some slime until my new tire arrives.


  • @sonny123 air pressure is to low.. what are you running it at? What's your weight?

  • I run over 20 psi
    I do a lot of carving on pavement. I think that's big part of it.

  • @sonny123 Kuh-razy!

  • @sonny123 usually an under or over inflated tire will wear fast.. is 20psi hard for you or do you still have some bounce?

  • @njcustom

    I don't think it's the pressure.
    4-5 runs a day for 2.5 months. That's about 1500 miles.
    I'm eager to change the tire again. It's fun. ;)

  • @sonny123 I ride almost just as much and carve alot.. air pressure makes a big difference

  • @sonny123 I hope Onewheel has commissioned Vega to make a redesigned wheel for the next version. I feel like since the current wheel is designed to always be flat on the pavement (as it would be when used on a Go-Kart), and there isn't enough strength along the sides that get a lot of wear when carving and turning.

  • @thegreck I agree.. and really wonder what a round tire would feel like.. I think it might be alot more tiring on your feet but alot more maneuverable. I would think no involuntary wobbles either lol

  • @njcustom I would love to try it out and see! I can imagine it going either way.

  • @njcustom

    Remeber I ride pavement all times. I think I'm gonna start going off road as well.
    I go by how it bounces and would notice it if it's too low.
    When I inflate, I'll test it on slight bumps and deflate it until it feels right.


    Good point. I inspected the tire this morning and turned out more worn than I thought.


  • @sonny123 even with carving hard and riding on mostly pavement that still doesn't seem right. Your wear indicators are still pretty deep.

  • @ahxe45 Possibly..

    Oddly enough, the tread is all on the left side and I ride goofy.
    I guess I carve way more to the left than right..

  • @sonny123 I ride goofy as well that is very strange. I carve much harder frontside rather than backside. I haven't had my board for very long now so I will be curious to see if my tire wears similar to yours.

  • @sonny123
    @ahxe45 makes a good point. Your indicators show very little wear at all on the top surface of the wheel, which would lead me to believe that your tire pressure is either too high or too low.

    I think if it's too low, then when you carve, the entire corner of the wheel flattens out and wears away at the sides. If it's too high, the wheel can't flex when you carve, and you end up riding on the sides.

    Seems like it's best for the life of the wheel to ride with it between 14-16psi (until they design a new one that's made for carving).

  • @thegreck

    Valid points.

    Gonna be paying special attention to psi once I slam the new tire.

    Thanks guys.

  • @sonny123 All of the talk on psi has been pretty much guesswork since the board was released. But now that lots of people have been riding for a while, and some people wear out their tires quicker than others, it's great info for version 2 (or 3)... hopefully @Future-Motion is paying attention!

  • @thegreck True.

    Also, I don't think it would matter on a tire with treads as the side would still wear out the same.

    A specially designed tire for OW is needed.

  • @sonny123 when you carve and all your weight is on a small edge.. if you have more air pressure you won't wear the edges so fast.. when riding straight the air pressure is better distributed.. riding on the edge makes a flat spot on the tire.. so technically over inflating the tire is good for carving ..

  • At 195 lbs I found the best psi for me when carving is about 30psi. Anything less wears the edges of my tire way way way too fast. It definitely makes it harder to ride, but the tire is doing way better. I drop it to 12psi for off road riding.

  • @J-Glide Wow, 30psi?? I figured it would explode with that much air in it. Man, FM really needs a re-design on the tire! The sides aren't made to be ridden, but that's the only way to turn on these things.

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