Error 3- what next?

  • Hey all
    My OW seems to be overcharged and blinks 3 times when pushing the button.
    But now how can I resolve this and bring it back to normal?
    It doesn't start at all and app says only 1% battery. Battery voltage 53.20.
    Please help!

  • Had the same issue; I had to send it back in

  • Hi,
    I just got my OW today and I have the same problem…
    How did you solve it ?
    Hope your board is all good now.

  • I went through something similar link text and had to send it back - but you may be lucky and if you just leave it alone for a while it might de charge and then work

  • Thanks @eish yeah I hope it gets resolve by itself… if I am lucky… Otherwise I will have to ship it from Europe and it will last forever. This thing is so so awesome that I just can't imagine living without it one day.. Best sensation ever !

  • If you just got it have you used it much yet? Some people mention how charging overnight seems to help "stabilise" the board

  • I just got it on Saturday and used it a bit while it was still a bit working on Sunday. I left it plugged all night but this morning I still have the blink error code 3 (overcharge). Now how can I discharge it if it doesn't start... ?? I love this thing.....

  • @shaka leave it along for 1/2 a day - I would contact future motion via email to get the ball rolling just incase it needs to go back

  • @eish Thanks for the advice, I will do that right away. I will let you know once I have an update.

  • My board just did the "3 blink". Only rode a couple minutes after full charge. What's the solution you guys have found?

    App says over voltage and just leave it unplugged, thoughts?

  • One of my boards went to 3 blinks (over voltage) and I had to contact support for a RMA to the factory. Sent back this week. Glad I have two other OW's I can still ride ;-)

  • I have to send back mine... time will last forever without my "baby".....

  • DaMN it- ONE day of ownership and I have the 3 blink of death. This sucks. Anyone resolve without sending in?

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