Used Onewheel w/ Fender For Sale

  • Hi all,

    I am selling my used Onewheel with fender and ultracharger:

    • It works perfectly. I am selling because I do not have time to ride anymore.
    • Usually gets 6 miles of range on one charge. I have always stored the battery with a full charge to maintain the battery life.
    • Originally purchased March 2015. I sent the board to Future Motion for a tune-up in April 2016.
    • Footpads, bumpers, and frame have scratches from regular use. One of the footpads is chipped on one side, but still perfectly functional. You can buy replacement foot pads and bumpers from the Onewheel website.
    • The tire has moderate wear, but should still last for another 1000+ miles. New tires usually last for 1500+ miles.
    • Onewheel fender kit already installed.


  • If you live near San Francisco, you can pick up locally for free.

  • Hi Mate,

    Would you be able to send it to Australia?

  • Hi @MrCamel. I am only shipping within the United States.

  • Seriously? 1500 miles? Really? Is this riding under 10 mph in a straight line? Carving and avg 12 to 15 mph is more like 700. At the most.

  • How much?

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