Mini jib park..


    Set this up for some goofin at home. Small footbridge, aluminum loading ramp on ground and black skate ramp. Had to make little approach ramps for sure!

    Definitely need something bigger/scarier now!


  • I wanna come play!

  • I don't know why I still get a kick out of other people's videos.. I thought it would stop after I actually got my board but I still watch lol.. nice little track you got there!

  • I love to see what other people are doing... For a moment I am like I gotta try that. 50% of the time I then am like.... Eh never mind... But, I really want to do a lot of these things, wish I had access to these tracks... Especially the dirt ones... I'd love to have like a dirt motorcross track. :)

  • I got Lyme's disease riding my Onewheel in the woods..i stick to the beach and the street now lol..

  • @njcustom
    Gotta do barefoot golf course now :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL the golf course is pretty damn cool.. but the old men, not so much lol.. I have to ride late or they complain

  • Yeah, gotta do it at midnight

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