Go Cart Attachment!

  • Since the onewheel is already 50% go cart there should be a onewheel attachment that finishes the job. Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BqTLJCgsww

  • That is a genuinely good idea...
    Not as good as a OW... But a good idea...

  • A setup with an actual steering wheel and maybe drive by wire (instead of tilt) would be pretty sweet

  • So basically a seat – since you don't want to sit on the wheel – and probably 2 front wheels with steering.
    Something like this but smaller
    but with the engine part replaced by the OW and gas / reverse pedals for tilting the board?

  • @germx Yeah!

  • Wow. That rig is seriously cool. Looks fun. My gears are definitely turning now.. those chopstick boards lend better to such an adaptation. This is a tough one. You would still have to be pretty centered over the wheel. I think it would be cool to have a two wheel setup like a bike. Technically it would be a motorcycle. Or maybe should be enginecycle since motorcycles have engines. I digress. Let me go see what I have laying around...

  • @kbman the power of 2 onewheels.... Oye :)

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