Onewheel repair time

  • Hey. Checking to see what kind of repair turnaround is the usual.. They have had mine for over two weeks now and it still has not shipped back.. I did not realize how much I miss it...

  • I live about 20 mins from the factory.
    I shipped it to them on a Monday and got it back the following Friday.

  • @bandit71

    I hear ya.

    I went berserk for 3 days while waiting for my tire to arrive.

    Took my electric skateboard out and thought I was gonna loose my denture.

  • @sonny123 Loooool

  • I live about half hour away. It took 3 weeks and I had to intercept the package at Fedex to get it before the weekend. Irritating that they don't allow local dropoff/ pickup, but it makes the decision easy to do minor maintenance work myself such as tire change when required.

  • @sonny123 really funny!!!

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