playing with my 360 camera Assateque National Park Ocean city md

  • @itwire nice vid, the 360 camera is cool. Suggest going from Classic to Extreme mode- actually much safer and easier to ride.

  • @groovyruvy
    Yeah I'm getting there :) baby steps

  • @itwire No, seriously, change now. Extreme is safer and easier to control, especially for beginners.

    You don't want to think you're taking baby steps, then suddenly get launched off the front of the board because it's gone into pushback mode when you're barely moving and you don't have the experience to control it.

  • @itwire I fully agree with @thegreck I tried classic mode out of the box for maybe 60 seconds. Then I switched to extreme mode and did not change back. Do not let the names concern you... Just try the modes to see which works best for you to control. Your trust and balance on the board will come step by step. Remember that you are in control of the speed in extreme and do not need to push it at all.

  • My next elementary school run. I will switch to extreme.

  • @thegreck Just had this happen today. I didn't wreck but it was pretty close. I had to jump off the board i was in full panic mode.

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