Portable charger

  • A portable charger would be great.

  • pretty expensive and only on amazon.com I can't order it from canada

  • @charge360 $300 is the best price you're going to find for a portable charger with that kind of capacity. This thing holds nearly 2 full charges for your OW and is light enough to throw in your backpack and ride with it. We've all been searching for alternatives for a long time and so far, this is the best there is.

  • @thegreck dont forget i am canadien i will pay 500$ and more for that

  • I have it. It's great! Will recharge your Onewheel about 1.5 times. And it fits well in a backpack.

  • @w1ngy I've always wondered. Is it possible to ride while charging? I get that it might not be advisable, but is it possible?

  • That battery has saved my life many times, love being able to charge when going on long rides.

  • @germx I've read here somewhere that it is not possible...

  • @germx I haven't tried it...

  • You will need one hell of an extension cord!

  • @SC720 The point is obviously to use the UPS in your backpack, connected to your board while riding.
    Not saying that's a good idea in a safety perspective., just wondering if it's possible ;)

  • @germx But you could probably test this yourself with the regular charger. Just plug it in and see if you can activate the board. I'm thinking you can't, but have never tried it.

  • @thegreck Yeah, most likely. I mean the board starts fine and everything when charging. I guess the motor won't tho. Guess I'll have to try if no one else has.

  • I wonder if its possible to buy a replacement battery from them and retrofit the connectors to charge the existing battery. that would be the best way.

  • Loving my charger!! Got the 220v and well worth the 550$ Canadian I paid !!!

  • I am keeping an eye on this topic and will likely get something in the spring for longer rides. Longest so far is the gym to lift, 5.5 mile round trip.

  • has anyone tried a goal zero battery back. I know its not the lightest but i would like to know how many charges i could get out of the yeti 400.

  • @itwire Probably no, and it is indeed quite heavy.
    But the 400 is (i guess) for the capacity of 400 Wh. That should give you about what, 2,5x full recharge I guess?
    Almost 40% higher capacity, but at a near 300% increase in weight compared to the ATOTO Ultra UPS.
    It's also rated slightly lower for 300W continuous, which might possibly be a problem.

  • @germx
    thanks I'm not too concerned about weight i just want something i can keep in the trunk of my car when I'm at a park. For example 2 days ago I drove an hour to an amazing park, but of course used all my juice. So i had to head home. I will say this that attoto or what ever its called on amazon its kind of shady i hope it doesn't blow up on anyone. I also have a yamaha generator that i have as a backup for my saltwater reef tanks I'm thinking I'm probably going to start using it to change one wheel when I'm on remote trips.

  • @itwire Hmm, yeah well it IS a lithium battery, and it shows on the weight. It's not the LiFePo4 kind either unfortunately.

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