Won't charge or turn on!

  • Just lifted my onewheel out of the box and I can't seem to charge it..

    What I'm I doing wrong..

    App says battery has no power, charger has the green light on and blue light is blinking ..

    What's going on.. .?

  • @thehoff is the blue light on your OW solid for several moments then a brief off, then solid blue again (indicating a full / pretty full charge) or is it blue for just a brief moment then off for a few moments, then blue for just a brief moment again (indicating not much of a charge)? Just trying to use another method to determine how full the battery is charged, because assuming charger is plugged into the wall for power and also connected to your OW, if the green light on the charger is on, that's an indication you have a full charge (and the app should indicate as much). By chance do you have more than one OW, and maybe your app is reading the battery for another OW?

  • @groovyruvy it's my first onewheel and I've been saving up for it since the very start.. I got on it with charger pulled in and it ran for a minute then said the battery was over charged.. I've been charging batteries in RC gear for 30 years and my first thoughts are the battery has been left uncharged and is now not taking a charge.. When this is the case a charger will always show the battery is full because the battery has stopped taking a charge..

    I've had the app showing 100% then 0%.

    Very confusing and frustrating

  • @groovyruvy after pressing the start button, the light flashes twice then on the 3rd flash is fades out quickly

  • @thehoff what version of the OW app do you have iOS or android?

  • @thehoff I just looked at the owner's manual https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0696/2011/files/Onewheel_Owners_User_Manual_v1.0.pdf?14538860016948982063 and if you look on page 04-31 it says 3 blinking lights = voltage too high. Guessing it arrived fully charged and doesn't want to be charged any further. Like @LidPhones suggested, make sure you've got the most current OW firmware on your board. Here's a thought: don't charge it and take it out for a local ride (not downhill as that triggers the regenerative braking and adds back to the battery life), and put as much time and mileage on it as you can, and then try doing an overnight charge to balance the battery cells. If that fails I'd suggest calling customer service.

  • @LidPhones. Iso

  • @groovyruvy I thought it might be overcharged.. But I just powers on of a few seconds and I can ride it as motor won't power on.. I have contacted support and they have suggested I leave on charger for 48hours to balance .. Pretty frustrating when I've waited so long and I'm in Northern Ireland !

  • @groovyruvy firmware version is .. 3056

  • @thehoff I understand the frustration not being able to ride! Let us know how it works out after following support's advice.

  • @groovyruvy maybe getting somewhere... After a few hours of charger plugged in, it powered up, showed 99% battery and I got 5 mins of riding up and down the hall in the house.. Then it powered down and showed 0% battery.. Plugged it in and battery charger light went red for 30 seconds before turning green again. This is slight progress.. I'll leave it on for a few days and see how I get on

  • @thehoff sounds like the battery cells just need to be balanced- a good long charge should sort that out.

  • @groovyruvy so stoked! I've been snowboarding for 20 years and I felt at home straight away. No wobbles.. Can't wait to get it outside and see how it carves.. Thanks man!

  • @thehoff mine worked for 15 min and died. I let it charge over night after that it was good to go.

  • @itwire did you get full battery life and mileage after the overnight charge?

  • @thehoff yes

  • @itwire that's cool.. All I need now is to talk one of my friends into getting onewheel.. I'm sure it's just like snowboarding.. A powder day is good on your own but I'd rather ride crap piste with friends!

  • @thehoff i hear ya man :)

  • @itwire it's nearly midnight here, I might have to get up at 5am and take it out.. Need to be strong and let it balance charge.. 😩

  • @thehoff worst case contact support when they open your time just to confirm.

  • @itwire yes I have talked with Carly at support. They suggested I leave to charge for 48 Hours and if it's not working after that I will need to send it back.. Hope it works.. I'm in Ireland!

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